Histogram-Based Descriptor Subset Selection for Visual Recognition of Industrial Parts

This article deals with the 2D image-based recognition of industrial parts. Methods based on histograms are well known and widely used, but it is hard to find the best combination of histograms, most distinctive for instance, for each situation and …

SARAFun, Smart Assembly Robot with Advanced FUNctionalities, H2020

While Industrial robots are very successful in many areas of industrial manufacturing, assembly automation still suffers from complex time consuming programming and the need of dedicated hardware. ABB has developed YuMi, a collaborative inherently …

Experimental evaluation of autonomous driving based on visual memory and image-based visual servoing

A mapping and localization framework for scalable appearance-based navigation

Continuity of varying-feature-set control laws

Asservissement visuel qualitatif pour la navigation

Image-based robot navigation from an image memory

This paper addresses the problem of vision-based navigation and proposes an original control law to perform such navigation. The overall approach is based on an appearance-based representation of the environment, where the scene is directly defined …

Visual path following using only monocular vision